Week 6: agency feedback, marketing strategy, evolving businesses

Week 6: agency feedback, marketing strategy, evolving businesses

Oct 3, 2023

Brandon Giella & Parker Smith



## Target agencies, clarify scope.
In this podcast transcript, the speaker discusses their experience working with a business coach to refine their message and target audience. They were given the task of reaching out to agency owners and pitching their services, but instead decided to ask for feedback. The speaker shares the feedback they received and discusses how it has helped them gain clarity and make improvements.

The first piece of feedback mentioned is that the speaker's offering feels more like a competitor to agencies rather than a tool for agencies. This feedback is considered fair, and the speaker realizes that their strengths lie in being a production partner rather than providing extensive handholding and campaign work. They plan to target agencies as their production partner, focusing on high volume and productive capacity.

The next feedback is about the use of the term "marketing subscription" and how it may give the impression of an AI newsletter instead of a service that completes tasks. The feedback suggests that the word choice of "tasks" instead of "projects" gives the impression of a smaller scale company like TaskRabbit. The speaker acknowledges the need for clarification and plans to emphasize that they can handle larger projects as well, but in an iterative and small task-focused manner.

The third feedback is about the process of watching a how-to video as part of the onboarding process. The feedback suggests that this may be too much work for the person signing up, and it would be better if the company handled the first intake step for new clients. The speaker agrees with this feedback and plans to incorporate an intake session or discovery session with clients to map out their work and build the project in front of them.

The last feedback is about the subscription model and the concern that clients may feel cautious about paying for a subscription without knowing the scope of their tasks and projects. The speaker acknowledges this concern and mentions their plan to have a catalog of tasks and projects with clear timelines to address this issue.

Overall, the feedback received from agency owners has provided valuable insights for the speaker to target agencies effectively and clarify the scope of their services. They plan to make improvements to their messaging and onboarding process based on this feedback.

## Marketing company needs clear messaging.
The podcast transcript highlights the importance of clear messaging for a marketing company. The speaker acknowledges that they need to be clear about their positioning towards production partners and make necessary changes to their website. They mention that their initial tagline may not accurately convey their services and express the need to steer away from it.

The speaker emphasizes the challenge of building a marketing company and how things can change. They mention the idea of having a tagline like "Snapmarket" to convey their ability to help build startups with the necessary tools. However, they also recognize that this messaging aligns more with a production partner approach.

The speaker acknowledges the need for clarity in their messaging and plans to utilize their writing skills to course-correct and dive deeper into the frequently asked questions section of their website. They also mention the importance of gathering user feedback and how it is crucial for clients who are more product-focused.

There is a discussion about the convergence of product marketing and traditional marketing, emphasizing the need to understand the customer and how the company is perceived. The speaker appreciates the feedback received from agency owners and acknowledges the evolving clarity of their message. They mention that they initially thought of their company as an agency, but now realize they are more suited for high volume, high capacity production work.

The speaker also reflects on the importance of businesses evolving over time and mentions that they have become more comfortable with this concept. They mention having had time to process their thoughts while camping and highlight the idea of diffuse thinking, where giving the mind space to connect dots can lead to new ideas.

The speaker discusses the different workflows they are focusing on, including marketing production partner, podcast production partner, and building out app infrastructure for MVP software as a service. They mention the need to become a "something company" with a specific product-market fit rather than being an "everything company" that tries to do too much.

The importance of understanding the target audience is emphasized, with the speaker mentioning the three key segments they are targeting: solopreneurs, small businesses, and agencies. They acknowledge that each segment has different needs, with solopreneurs requiring more guidance and strategy while agencies need assistance with churning through work.

Overall, the podcast transcript highlights the need for clear messaging in a marketing company. The speaker recognizes the importance of understanding their target audience and tailoring their messaging accordingly. They plan to make improvements to their website, messaging, and onboarding process based on the feedback received from agency owners.

## Excitement for future growth.
The speaker expresses excitement for future growth and believes that by focusing on making their existing clients happy and improving their processes, they will be successful. They mention that they have received verbal commitments from three or four potential clients who are interested in working with them, and they are actively working on setting up those partnerships. This prospect of new clients is described as "really exciting" and the speaker is hopeful about the future.

The speaker also mentions their desire to prove that their way of doing things is the best way. They acknowledge that there is room for improvement and that they will continue to evolve and hone their approach over time. However, they express enthusiasm about reaching a more sustainable place where they can confidently determine the direction they need to go in.

The tone of the conversation is positive and optimistic. The speaker and their colleague seem to be in agreement and share the same excitement for future growth. They end the conversation by suggesting that it might be a good place to "pin it," indicating a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

The overall theme of the podcast transcript is the anticipation and enthusiasm for the future of the marketing company. The speaker acknowledges the need for improvement and growth but is confident in their ability to achieve it. They are excited about the potential partnerships with new clients and the opportunity to showcase their expertise and effectiveness. The conversation reflects a sense of optimism and determination to continue evolving and improving in order to achieve success in the future.

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